Breast cancer is a type of cancer that is most common among women. It is very rare in men. The important factors that cause breast cancer are excessive alcohol consumption, overweight, genetic characteristics of the patient, not giving birth and not breastfeeding.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer?
Breast cancer progresses silently and secretly. Its symptom is a mass in the breast. Breast examination should be done once a year. In this way, early diagnosis can be made before a mass is formed.
Breast cancer is more common in developed societies than in underdeveloped societies. While one out of every 8 women in America has breast cancer, this rate is one in 26 women in Asia.
If we briefly call this Westernization, that is, modern life, socio-economic and technological development in countries has revealed a significant increase in the incidence of breast cancer in the last 10 years. These factors suggest that women are exposed to more estrogen hormone due to the onset of menstruation at an early age and the prolongation of the age of menopause as a factor that triggers the increase in breast cancer.
Exposure to radiation, excessive alcohol consumption, environmental pollution are among the causes of breast cancer. Careless diet, sedentary life, not doing sports can lead to breast cancer.
A woman with a family history of breast cancer is four times more likely to develop breast cancer than other women.
In order to prevent breast cancer, it is necessary to give birth to a child, breastfeed, avoid alcohol consumption, take care not to gain excessive weight, and do regular sports.
It is important for early diagnosis to be examined by a specialist doctor once a year from the age of 20.

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