Peyronie’s (penis curvature) Disease and Treatment in Men

Peyronie’s (penis curvature) Disease and Treatment in Men

 Peyronie’s disease;  It is the cause of abnormally developing connective tissues in the penis in men, causing deformity in the penis.  It usually occurs on the upper part of the penis.  It has been seen in different parts of the penis.

 Peyronie’s disease causes erectile dysfunction in the penis.  The patient has difficulty in sexual intercourse.  It can cause psychological problems along with the decrease in the quality of sexual life.

 Peyronie Causes

 It may occur due to traumas in the tissue, subcutaneous hemorrhages, genetic factors and other diseases.

 92% of patients are over 40 years old.

 In healthy people, as a result of sexual stimulus, the vascular spaces called cavernous body in the penis begin to expand by filling with blood, and the penile sheath surrounding these vascular spaces is stretched, causing pressure on the veins of the penis.  In this way, an erection is achieved by preventing the return of the filled blood to the body.

 In cases of Peyronie’s disease, the fibrotic connective tissue compresses the cavernous bodies responsible for the erection of the penis, preventing erection or causing difficulty in maintaining an existing erection.  In some cases, it can cause pain by compressing the surrounding nerve and vascular tissues.


 Peyronie cannot be cured completely.  Treatments that will increase the patient’s quality of life and reduce their complaints are applied.

 * One of the treatment methods is the administration of drugs by injection into the penis.  With this method, it is aimed to treat connective tissues.

 * In the iontophores method, an electric current is sent through the skin.

 * Smoking and alcohol should not be used

 * In order to increase the effect of the treatment, your doctor may recommend exercise.

 * In addition to traditional treatment methods, there are some studies showing that vitamin and mineral supplements such as carnitine, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E are good for penile curvature.

 *Surgically, the area of ​​the penis that has fibrotic tissue and shortens accordingly is lengthened and the area that is lengthened due to the tissue is shortened.  Penile prostheses can also be used when deemed necessary.  It should not be forgotten that complications such as shortening of the penis size and erectile dysfunction may occur after the surgery.

 The articles on our site are not written for therapeutic purposes.  It is written with the aim of supporting a healthy life and treatment, informing and early diagnosis of diseases.  If you have a disease or if you have symptoms of a disease, you should consult a specialist doctor.

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