In middle-aged men, problems such as decreased sexual performance, decreased sexual desire, and prostate enlargement begin to appear.

After the age of 30 in men, a natural slowdown in sexual functions begins. There are changes in penile vessels, penile nerves and muscles that will negatively affect sexual life. These problems are more common especially in men who do not do sports, are overweight, smoke, consume alcohol, and eat unhealthy. Most of the time, men do not agree to go to the doctor and receive treatment for these problems.

There are many treatments for penile erection problem that occurs in middle age.

For treatment, the source of the erection problem is investigated by the doctor and the most appropriate treatment is selected and applied. There are many new treatment methods such as pills, injections, penile irons for penile erection problem.

A decrease in male hormone may occur in middle-aged men. The decrease in male hormone causes sexual reluctance. The decrease in male hormone can also cause weakening of the bones, weight gain, weakness and fatigue.

If you have complaints such as sexual reluctance, absence of morning erection, short duration of erection in the penis, you should consult a doctor. The deficiency of the male hormone can be detected and treated with a blood test.

Premature ejaculation can occur in middle-aged men. This problem especially prevents spouses who orgasm later than men from achieving orgasm. It negatively affects the sexual life of the spouses. There are many treatments for premature ejaculation. These treatments can be applied with medication, exercise and local intervention in the penis.

Penile curvature can occur in men at this age. Men with penile curvature may experience pain during sexual intercourse. Penile curvature can be treated by a specialist doctor with medication or penile ironing method. If the disease is advanced, surgery may be required.

Prostate enlargement can occur in men at later ages. Prostate enlargement may cause complaints such as frequent urination, infrequent urination, and waking up frequently at night to need the toilet.

Urinary complaints negatively affect sexual life. For this reason, prostate check-up should be done in middle ages. In order to detect prostate cancer early, a specialist doctor should be consulted at certain intervals and necessary examinations should be made.

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