How to Overcome Childhood Traumas?

Nowadays, we have started to hear the word trauma quite often. Trauma is the physical or mental effects of unexpected events that cause accidents, harassment, horror, and anxiety, as well as the flow of daily life
The psychological effects of trauma affect our daily lives. A traumatic event that we experienced as a child can affect the most important parts of our lives. So how do you get over a childhood trauma? What is childhood trauma? What behavioral disorders occur as a result of trauma in children?

What is Childhood Trauma?

According to studies, childhood traumas play an important role in the development of psychologic problems in adults. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, emotional abuse, and substance-addicted parents are among the main causes of childhood trauma.

Behavioral Disorders Caused by Trauma in Children?

When we experience any trauma, we react emotionally and physically. Children may experience truancy from school, not studying, sleeping problems, stomachaches, not eating, and anger problems as a result of trauma. If you are observing these in your child, seek help from a specialist before it is too late. If you had such behaviors in your childhood and now you have a problem such as anxiety, sleep problems, constant negative thinking, socialization problems, you may have a trauma from your childhood.

How to Overcome Childhood Traumas?

Traumas from our childhood affect the decisions we will make about our lives when we become adults, so we need to get rid of these traumas.

As long as we do not get rid of these traumas, we feel anxious and sad. We get angry quickly and make wrong decisions. We constantly experience problems in our business life and social environment. Running away from our traumatic memories is not the solution. We will give you suggestions to get rid of false thoughts caused by your trauma.

• First of all, accept that the event that happened to you was a traumatic event. Don’t try to put the blame on someone else. Confront your trauma

• Look at your past and surroundings by asking yourself questions. This will help you understand the traumatic event you experienced.

• Do not avoid talking about the traumatic event you experienced. Talking about your experiences will make you more resilient.

• In order to realize the effects of the traumatic event you experienced, take note of your harmful behaviors. Since it will be difficult for you to observe these behaviors, you should get support from your relatives.

• People who have experienced trauma in their childhood may have difficulty in recognizing themselves. You can familiarize yourself with yoga, meditation and sports. As you write down your harmful behaviors, you should also write your behaviors from the past to the present.

You will never completely forget the traumatic event you experienced in your childhood. However, you can reduce the impact of this trauma on your life. You can recover from the emotional disorders caused by these traumas. In order to get rid of the traumas from your childhood, you should get support from a specialist in addition to these recommendations.

What is written on this site is not for therapeutic purposes. Advice for a healthy life. If you have a health problem, you should consult a specialist doctor.

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